About us

About Bonana

Bonana is a furniture manufacturing plant set up in 1996, located in the south-west of Bulgaria close to both the Greek and Macedonian borders.

Our motto is 'price competitiveness and quality'.

Our competitiveness is developed from more than 15 years experience as a supplier to IKEA. Our attentiont to quality has been developed from our experience of producing for certain European clients with very highly elevated quality demands.

Our plant is mainly focused on manufacturing dining chairs and tables, patio and garden furniture. In the past however, the factory had assimilated a big scale lamps (desk lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps) production, which was adapted for different global standards.

At the moment we operate with 200 employees.


Environment and Social Responsibility

As a major supplier for global clients, such as IKEA, our plant operates strictly according to the latest environmental & health standards, complying with the latest regulations regarding dangerous production chemicals and maintains a perfect portfolio of test reports from our sub-suppliers that are done at certified laboratories for the chemical content, durability and quality of each and every material used in our production. Each year we pass several extensive audits regarding environmental responsibility and working conditions.